Broccoli Samurai and Space Junk: A Late Night Lotus Afterparty [Interviews]

This Saturday, Buffalo hometown heroes Space Junk will join Cleveland Ohio's jamtronica prodigies Broccoli Samurai for a late-night eve-of-new-year's-eve afterparty at Buffalo Iron Works in downtown Buffalo, NY.


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This show is being hosted by The Psychedelic Society of Western New York, a worthy organization dedicated to psychedelic research and harm reduction. Find out mere by visiting them on Facebook:

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Leisure Lab Favorites

When I heard that Lotus had chosen my home-away-from-home in Buffalo, New York as one leg of their New Year's Eve run, I was elated, and I bought my tickets straight away. Then, whispers of an after-show featuring TWO MORE of my favorite bands began circling, and my excitement grew exponentially. Both of these bands have played Leisure Lab summer parties thrown at my old country farm house in Avon, NY.

Space Junk shredding from within a laser vortex at The Leisure Lagoon 2015

Space Junk shredding from within a laser vortex at The Leisure Lagoon 2015

In 2015, Space Junk slathered our old barn in their unique brand of high-energy electronic jams and blasted our party straight into hyperspace. It was my 30th birthday and I will be forever grateful for the heat these boys brought to that party.

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This past summer, Broccoli Samurai headlined the show, treating us to two long sets: one of all Broccoli originals, and another of top shelf Lotus covers. Their ridiculously funky jams worked the party into a wild frenzy as we celebrated the 30th birthdays of my little brother, my best friend, and a smattering of other August babies. You can watch video from that night right here:

I was able to chat with Kevin "Keh Raj" Rogers (drummer / synthmaster / computer wizard) of Space Junk as well as Ryan "Bruce" Hodson (keyboard player / mastermind) of Broccoli Samurai about their respective music projects. I hope you'll check out these interviews and meet us on the dance-floor this Saturday!

Interview with Space Junk

GW: You guys had a busy 2017, with at least a few shows each month all over the State. Is it your aim to hold it down as WNY’s resident jamtronica shredders? Or is it a goal to become a regional or even national touring act in the future?

KR [Space Junk]: We love playing to our WNY jam fam, and we will always continue to bring our shows back to the area. It is a major goal for us to expand in all directions and play shows nationally, or even internationally. Our ultimate goal is to spread our music to as many people for the sheer purpose of making them dance and enjoy themselves, as much as we enjoy creating it for them.

Space Junk performing at Buffalo Iron Works in their hometown

GW: That's an excellent goal, and I think you guys are well on your way there! What was your favorite festival (or single show) that you guys played in 2017 and why?

KR [Space Junk]: For me, my favorite show of 2017 had to be at the Hollow in Albany NY with the Magic Beans and Lord Electro. It was some of the best music and jams I think we played all year and both those bands are incredible. As for a festival, it is very easy for me to choose Night Lights. The crowd was, as it could be said, 'lit'. And we all definitely had a blast playing that set for everyone.

GW: Damn, I'm sorry I missed it this year! What can the fans expect to look forward to from Space Junk in 2018?

Space Junk is a Progressive Jam, Trance, and Electronic Rock band from Buffalo, New York

KR [Space Junk]: 2018 is going to be a very busy year for SJ. We have a new album being released in February. We've enjoyed working at Tone Hill Studio with Ben Juul for the last end of this year, he has been great getting our sound the way we feel we play live. Our bookings are taking us to many new venues that we have not played before and also with groups and artists we have not played alongside with. So that's very exciting. Be sure to check festival lineups, we hope to see familiar and new faces at every show.

Interview with Broccoli Samurai

Ryan "Bruce" Hodson. Keyboardist and mastermind of Broccoli Samurai

Ryan "Bruce" Hodson. Keyboardist and mastermind of Broccoli Samurai

GW: So according to your tour schedule, after hitting the road non-stop since last summer, it looks like you guys are taking a rare month off in January?

Bruce [Broccoli]: We will be taking January off to rest, recuperate, and practice with our new Bassist, Randy Nicklas. We want to get him tight on all of our material.

We'll also be hitting the studio to record our next album. When Zach left, we were in the middle of putting an album together, but it still needed alot of work. So we're going to re-record that material with our new guy Randy so we can release an album with our current lineup.

We'll also be taking time to write some new material with Randy as well.

Broccoli Samurai performing at Summerdance Music Festival in Nelson Ledges, OH

Broccoli Samurai performing at Summerdance Music Festival in Nelson Ledges, OH

GW: How is Randy adjusting to his new job as the Broccoli Samurai bassist?

Bruce [Broccoli]: Randy has only played one show with us so far, on 12/23 at The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, but he killed it! I can’t wait for you to hear him. He's the real deal and sounds amazing with us. Unfortunately he won't be with us in Buffalo on Saturday. 

Mike Vincent in the zone!

Mike Vincent in the zone!

GW: That's too bad. I'll have to catch him when you guys come back to Rochester in February. Who's filling in this weekend?

Bruce[Broccoli]: Our guitarist Mike Vincent and our buddy Mike Candela have been switching off between bass and guitar.  Vincent is not only an amazing guitarist, he’s one of the better bassists I’ve ever heard.  He’s so talented. I need to freshen up on some lessons just to keep up! I'm not joking either.

Thanks for reading! Please join us for the official Lotus after show at Buffalo Iron Works on Saturday, December 30th:

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