RECAP: Smokin' Buta Hip Hop Monthly 2-2-2018 Rochester, NY

Well, what can I say about the homie Volatile’s birthday night?

Shit was “lit” as the kids would say.  The night started off with a proper ass beat set by D-Rock, then out of nowhere Danny K comes up on stage and rocks a crazy track, drops the mic and runs off.  The crowd was perplexed but amused.

Next up was our man V, he did his thing, brought Kes and Golden up for a track or two and got the place jumping.

He went directly from there to have his birthday cake with his girl and all his other peoples.

Meanwhile, I debuted most of the Villainy EP which you can listen to through this blog, and I’ll just leave it at that because it’s a bit tasteless to speak on your own shit and all that.

After that, Golden did what she does and got the place hopping.  Every time she performs I swear there’s always a new person who comes up to me and says “Yo, that Golden chick is so dope”.  They are right...more people need to know about her.

Following her set your boy King Righteous brought the most energy I’ve seen on that stage in a while.  The thing I like about KR is that you can feel his pain, pride, and perseverance in every bar he spits.  Make sure ya’ll are checking for him.

Finally, KZA, came with a hard ass set on his SP-404 to round out the performances.

Throughout the show, Nova...of FUA fame...was painting some ill ass canvas’ which we were selling raffle tickets for.

We raffled 3 pieces off and had some happy winners.

We finished the night off with a cypher that got a little crazy when ya man Ice Grill was feeling the passion battling with the homie 7Fygurez and his whole crew.  But it was all love and any bad energy dissipated quickly.

Flyhi Club was in the building selling their dope ass merch, and should be a staple of these nights but make sure to check for them.

Finally just want to acknowledge all the crews that repped, Cello Brown was there repping for Lafayette Cafe, Contac was in the build, M-80 repped hard fresh off his beat battle victory (I’m still salty about by the way, I’ma see you fam!!! lol).  Make More Music crew was there, and a few others stepped in too.

Of course, DJ Dynamix facilitated the whole night as he always does.

Despite the cold weather, shit was popping.  Can’t wait for March 2nd, as we have a CRAZY lineup set.  We’ll be dropping that soon.

Stay tuned ya’ll.  As always, keep it for the culture.  Bless up!