Globular Blasts us Into the Entangled Everything

Written by Gary Wheat with help from INCEDIGRIS

Bristol’s Globular has just released his fourth full-length album. It encapsulates a flow state even greater than his previous offerings. Don’t miss the latest excursion from what might be the most important composer of our time that you’ve never heard of.


“Popping Out” sets a distinctive tone, like the underlying machinery of what’s to come slowly charging up.

As we break through the intro, an audible gasp leads us into “For the Time Being”, a psychedelic stomper punctuated by melodic interludes and brain-tickling vocal samples. The production on this album is incredibly crisp. A swinging Ott-like bassline keeps the syncopated instruments in step.

“The Chalice” is one of the coolest psy-dub tunes ever. It’s somehow sparkly, dark, punishing, and uplifting, all at the same time. Glob credits Chris Charles (AKA Geoglyph) in the liner notes for the piano and flute, both welcome additions to this circus of sound.

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”Total Perspective Vortex” is a 10.55 minute journey that will make you question everything. What is this guy up to? By the 7 minute mark I stop writing this review, lay down, close my eyes and sink into something that feels like a sonic cocoon.

“One Step Beyond” wakes my ass right up and I’m dancing alone in my apartment to the snarling Güiro and her menagerie of phasing synths. I don’t know any of the words in the vocal samples but I like them.


This album was recommended to me by The Leisure Lab’s friend and collaborator, INCEDIGRIS, whose artwork graces the cover. You can see more of his work here.

“Dasein” invites us to “follow our highest excitement” as it bounces along into a blissful cosmic groove.

Glob slows things down for the next few tracks. “Be Patient Towards What Is”, “Dreamland Overflow”, and “kaleidoscope Tribe” are all beautiful, dreamlike serenades that made me feel like I was the main character in some psychedelic RPG as I was gathering supplies at my local supermarket, catching side-eyes for the gleeful wiggles in my steps.


The album finishes with the anthemic “This Strange Attractor”, a warm and spacey send-off that made me instantly nostalgic for the trip I was just on. So I queued up the first track and dove right back in.

With a sonic palette that is both as diverse and cohesive as our planetary experience, Globular embraces the beauty and complexity of our global society.

Entangled Everything is an opus of bubbling beats, giving rise to heavenly harmonic and meticulous melodic surprises that will hit you square in the glob-gland.

I hope you'll add these songs to your playlist on Spotify and Google Play, and I hope you'll go see Globular live the next time he’s state-side.



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