10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Leisure Lovers

It’s that time of year again! If you’re like me, your Christmas shopping is done at a very leisurely pace. That’s why everything on this list is Amazon Prime eligible. Order before 12/21 and your gifts will arrive just in time for Christmas.

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1. The Gift of Sound and Light:

Oh, you already have a cool bluetooth speaker? Does it come with a disco ball, karaoke, and enough ‘bump’ to wake the neighbors? This one does.

The Party Rocker Max is portable party in a box that’s perfect for house parties, tailgating, camping, festival season, and anywhere else you need to jam.

We also found a budget friendly sound-reactive party light that’s cheaper than the Party Rocker Max, but puts out just as many groovin’ lumens. Pair this with your workhorse bluetooth speaker and feel the leisure.

2. The Gift of Song:

Check out these leisurely stocking stuffers: Portable karaoke microphones. Just charge ‘em up, bring ‘em to the after party, bring ‘em on a road trip, bring ‘em to the park...all you need is a phone to pair and you’re good to go. You’ll be singing all your favorite holiday jingles with whoever you give this one to.

3. The Gift of Color:

Does the the person on your secret Santa love art? Adult coloring books are all the rage, but the ones you see at Walmart are pretty wack.

Chris Dyer is one of the illest, most intricate, mind blowing artists around nowadays, and now you can get a coloring book full of his incredible line art. Don't forget the colors!

4. The Gift of Inspiration:

Any artists on your Holiday Gift List? Skip the coloring book and let them make their own! Get them this industry standard canvas blackbook for handstyles and character art that travels well in the most rugged of conditions. Pair it with some proper Prismacolor markers.

5. A Leisured-out Umbrella!

We’re from Western New York, so precipitation keeps our skies grey.  One way to fight that is to carry this cool ass modern day torch.  Buy this for the friend dealing with seasonal depression.

6. The Gift of Gab:

It’s always dope to have a unique and interesting coffee table book when people come around. These gifts make for great conversation starters.

  • Creative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator: For the asshole who’s sick of calling you a shithead, or bitch, or piece of shit.  Help them up their shit talkin’ game with a slab of jumbled words that’ll help them curse in style. 
  • 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes: Dad jokes are great for countless hours of blank stares and random “HA”s. Your friends can use it to get their cringe game right for New Year’s parties.
  • The Rap Yearbook: Homie a hip hop head?  This book comically breaks down the dopest hip hop track year by year from 1979 to 2016.  Complete with fresh ass illustrations it’s sure to cure awkward silences in their living room.
  • How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: Mad dangers up in this world for our feline friends, here’s a book that’ll help keep ‘em safe.

7. The Gift of Games:

People love party games. Spice up your next gathering with "THIS ONE TIME, I..." 

But what we really want for Christmas is PARTYBOSS! Why can't we buy this yet??

8. The Gift of Pinning

Buying for a pin head?  Add to his or her collection with one of these fresh joints:

9. The Gift of Warmth (Protect They Neck!)

It may be cliche’ but a scarf is a clutch ass holiday gift.  Brighten up the dark ass winter with one of these colorful pieces:

10. Write a Card

Broke? Shit, I know I’ve been there.  Honestly, the best reaction I ever got from a Holiday gift was when I sat down and wrote a card to each of the people in my family.  If it comes from the heart there’s no denying it. Go to the dollar store, cop a pack of 25 blank holiday cards and go to town.  Be inspirational, they’ll love it...trust.

There you have it. 

Have some ideas of your own?  Add them in the comments.