Michele Tucker is a vocal advocate of all things leisurely and a passionate proponent of bigger hair and better jokes. 

At her day job, Michele puts the "human" in Human Resources and sports more than one acronym after her last name . 

In her spare time, she can be found indulging in the visual arts, deriving inspiration from manga and anime as well as global street art. Her primary medium is canvas, using collage and a combination of acrylic, ink, marker, and pencil. 


I want more... I love it!
— Kathy Matteson Beltrone - Marion, NY
Love, love, love it!!!
— Kelly Decker - Tampa, FL
They were on my doorstep after work. They are dope as f**k! Thank you so so much... You have an amazing talent.
— TJ Coccho - Corning, NY
So effin’ great! I’m moonstruck!
— Kayt Bordin - Encinitas, CA
When I saw your beautiful artwork I almost cried. ‘Moon-viewing’ really spoke to me, but all those chicks are rad!
— Kayt Bordin - Encinitas, CA
They are amazing!!
— Marissa Babcock, Lockport, NY
My boyfriend and I adore it...play with it most nights!
— Michelle Tea, Toronto ON