Sean Allum, under the moniker "Eloh Projects", is at the cutting edge of the Digital Visionary Art movement.  With unparalleled use of light, he weaves elaborate visual legends that he hopes will transfigure and elevate human consciousness for millennia to come.  

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Sean focuses primarily on expanding the mind of his audience. He is not driven by applause nor impressed by the trend of collectivism and often consciously erodes his popularity in his pursuit of freedom.  He is specifically devoted to pushing the boundaries of culture and is never content with mediocrity. In the end it is authenticity that rests at the heart of his artistic crusade.

Eloh Projects - Valley of the End

Eloh Projects - Valley of the End

The renowned Visionary, Luke Brown, has said that Sean "is a continual source of inspiration within the digital realms".  The Visionary Elder, Otto Rapp, has remarked that "Sean sets the bar for the rest of the digital visionary artists".

Before the foundations of Eloh Projects were laid, Sean worked for 5 years as a lead environment artist in the video game industry.  He has worked closely with Disney's Noah Elias, and studied under Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann. Sean attended art school in Orange County, California for 2 years before he realized he was capable and motivated enough on his own to propel himself as an independent artist.